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Feb 5, 2023

Buying real estate in Bahcesehir or Basaksehir? What do you prefer?

Istanbul today is characterized by many neighborhoods that have become a destination for tourists and investors alike, so a visitor to Istanbul is not enough for a whole month so that he can visit all of them or in particular areas that have an amazing tourist and urban background, if not all.

There is no neighborhood in Istanbul that does not have a story, about a sultan who was exiled here, or a poet who struggled there... or ancient nations that built their civilizations within this spot.

Among the most important areas in Istanbul there are Başakşehir and Bahçeşehir. We will show you their most important features so that you can finally choose where you want to settle or what to recommend.

Bahcesehir, also known as the amazing city

It is located in a strategic point northwest of Kucukcekmece Lake, in the heart of the Turkish city of Istanbul, on the European side of the city, and within the municipal boundaries of Basaksehir.

Bahçeşehir was opened for the first time by the Department of Collective Housing of the Presidency of the Turkish Council of Ministers by building a series of pioneering real estate projects, while the strategic value of Bahçeşehir increases with its proximity to the most important vital projects such as Istanbul Third Bridge and Marmara Highway, in addition to the projects that Turkey intends to open in a few years like the Istanbul Canal that will divide the European side of Istanbul.

All of these projects will raise the value of real estate in the Bahcesehir region and herald a unique investment future, Bahcesehir is one of 39 municipalities in the large city of Istanbul, bordered to the east by Sparta Kul and Avcilar, by Arnavutkoy to the north, and bordered to the west and south by Buyukcekmece and Esenyurt.

The nature of the land in Bahcesehir is characterized by the spread of hills, highlands and small valleys, which give it a great natural beauty.

The area includes many luxury residential complexes, equipped with the latest amenities and security, as well as social and health facilities, and many shops such as shops, offices and commercial complexes.

The Bahçeşehir district, which is connected to the Başakşehir suburb, is receiving great attention from investors in the real estate sector, as it has turned in recent years into an important center for attracting real estate investors. The region is witnessing a rise in real estate prices, especially in areas near the lake, and observers expect higher prices. Real estate prices increased to about 70 percent, after the completion of the metro line project, which will connect the area with the important central areas of the city.

The value of Bahçeşehir real estate has increased in recent years, thanks to the pioneering real estate projects that have been established in it, and in addition to these high-quality real estate projects, the presence of large green spaces, with the calmness of the area. It made it one of the most preferred areas for investors, and it became one of the most important cities. Istanbul residential agencies and investors began to flock to them with a noticeable rise, as this was reflected in the real estate prices, which witnessed a significant increase, as the price of a square meter reached 5 thousand Turkish liras, after it was about one thousand to one thousand and 500 Turkish liras.

Bahcesehir area contains a modern water refining and purification facility, which is used to irrigate green spaces, where large quantities of fresh water are provided in this way, to achieve a permanent availability of water resources through refining. There is also Turkey's largest artificial lake in the region, Bahcesehir Guleti Lake, which extends over an area of ​​300,000 square meters, surrounded by a wide range of restaurants, cafes, clubs and other social facilities.

Basaksehir in Istanbul

Basaksehir district occupies the throne of the most vital area in the European part of Istanbul, which consists of 39 districts (municipalities) spread between the European and Asian continents on both sides of the city.

Basaksehir municipality was established in 2008 after its separation from Kucukcekmece municipality. It is bordered by Arnavutkoy to the north, Eyup to the northeast, Sultan Gazi and Esenler to the east, Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece and Avsallar to the south, and Esenyurt to the southwest.

Basaksehir district is one of the most developed infrastructures of the city, and it is a modern district with a modern and spacious structure.

Basaksehir has become one of the most attractive areas for both domestic and foreign investors, not only because of its modern buildings with the highest standards of comfort and luxury but also because of its strong infrastructure and social, cultural, health and educational facilities that set it apart from all other parts of Turkey. This makes it a competitor to many of its European counterparts.

The district also has the second largest exhibition grounds in Istanbul and is used for many different events throughout the year. Theatrical performances, concerts, festivals and Ramadan celebrations are the highlights.

Residents of Basaksehir are waiting for the opening of a state university in the region. In addition to the preparations underway for the opening of several private universities, including the famous Ibn Khaldun University, the area also has a large number of private and public schools, from kindergarten through high school.

In terms of health services, there are a large number of public and private hospitals in the region, and the largest hospital in the European continent is currently under construction.. In addition to the famous Basaksehir Hospital, the largest hospital in the world, which was established by a Turkish-Japanese project.

Similarly, the Basaksehir district of Istanbul is witnessing a great leap forward. The Turkish government is building a huge plaza in the area, covering an area of ​​60,000 square meters, to serve as a model for planning new cities across the country. The area of ​​this square is twice the area of ​​the famous Taksim Square.

Tough choice!

Both areas, as we have noted, are distinct.. Great service and even amazing. You will have no doubts that you may be uncomfortable, whether in Basaksehir or Bahcesehir.

Perhaps Bahçeşehir will enjoy a less crowded degree than the promised Basaksehir after many future construction projects. Indeed, this will be of financial and investment benefit, but it may bring with it thousands of investors and foreigners who may disturb life and its stability, especially if your family is with you. The spaces around the lake provide excellent options to accommodate a family with the best service conditions and unparalleled tranquility.

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