Our Story

Akarkom international Real Estate with its long experience in the property sector in Turkey, provides perfect options for our potential customers, in order to apply their needs and demands. We have a large portfolio of property projects across Turkey that can suit your demand, whether you are looking to invest your money in real estate or looking for comfortable & peaceful housing with your family in Turkey. Today, Akarkom International Real Estate is in its 7th year of operations, and we have a global presence through our partner network. Our property advisor and sales team speak more than 10 languages, so we can communicate in your language. Our team consists of real estate experts and consultants with extensive knowledge of the Turkish real estate market, and we love to help our customers choose the right property according to their goals. We keep ourselves updated with all the trends, information, and changes in the marketplace.

- Why should you choose us ?

  • A committed team of sales & marketing specialists who are experts in Turkish real estate.
  • An organization with an extensive collection and range of properties that fit your needs.
  • We enjoy an excellent relationship with developers & construction companies across Turkey and can offer the best deals
  • We help you throughout your journey with our field sales specialists, whether you are looking for citizenship, residency, or a simple investment.
  • Through our legal & field sales specialists, we can fully support you remotely without any additional cost.
- A Word from our CEO

This success was not a coincidence, my journey in the real estate field started in 2012 when I started as a sales employee for a Turkish real estate marketing company and after years of work and career advancement,

I started my journey in 2016 in Akarkom with a team of 3 people, today Akarkom has become one of the best real estate consultancy companies In the Turkish market,

we also made new partnerships and opened offices for Akarkom in the United States of America, Iraq, Bahrain, and Pakistan to provide the best service to our customers in their countries of origin.

Omar Farouk
CEO image

- Our Vision

To be a credible source of information for anyone who wants to buy a property or start an investment and go global by providing all real estate and investment offers worldwide.

- Our Team

Our trained and expert staff in real estate investment speaks more than 8 languages ​​including English, French, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Pashto, Persian, and Azerbaijani, and advises our clients of the optimal investment options, including the best time and area for investment. We follow up with them all about investment laws and infrastructure in all regions in addition to the influencing factors in property prices and investment future of the regions and cities. They are supported by an integrated marketing team that conducts market research and provides all the information needed in various ways including our website and social media accounts. In addition to a team of legal advisors to ensure the rights of our clients and complete all their legal transactions easily.

- Our Values


  • We keep our promises – we walk the talk.
  • We are honest, trustworthy, and ethical in all our actions.


  • We are research-driven.
  • We give reliable information that helps our clients make the right decisions

Quality Client/ Customer service

  • Our clients are the driving force of our existence; keeping them satisfied is the fundamental reason for our existence
  • We focus on opportunities where we can establish a competitive advantage and deliver outstanding results.

Team Work

  • We work together to achieve more.
  • We commit to achieving common goals.
  • We support one another.

Prompt delivery.

  • We are quick to act and respond to clients' needs.
  • We perform our duties without delay.


  • We are professional and adaptable to the varied needs of our clients.
  • We leverage on our collective strength to provide exceptional services.

Our Trusted Partners