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Feb 5, 2023

Istanbul's old houses have a long history and wonderful architecture

We have already mentioned in previous conversations that the city of Istanbul has a great 

diversity of real estate, and real estate in it is not limited to modernity only and luxury 

residential complexes. Also, not everyone who wants to buy real estate in this city wants to 

invest in real estate, as there are those who are looking for an ideal place to settle.

For some, the old houses are an obsession that they prefer to identify and see their

specifications, but is it really a special option? What is the significance?

In this article, the old houses in Istanbul will be the focus of our conversation. We will

highlight their most important and most prominent qualities.

Take a look at the advantages of Istanbul's old houses:

Before you make a decision whether these homes are suitable for you or not, you should

know their full features, and this is what we will present in the following paragraph:

1 - Distinctive old decorations:

The design of these houses indicates a culture that was spread previously and is also 

evidence of the tastes of the past generations through which you will get to know the 

manifestations of luxury in their time and be fully confident that nowadays it is impossible to 

build something similar because the materials differed, the engineers and designers, they are 

closer to the heritage that existed once It is difficult to be repeated.

In general, you will find Ottoman decorations adorning it. As for the materials from which it 

was made, they are resistant and distinguished, and the evidence for this is that they are 

steadfast until the present time.

Did you know that many people imitate their decorations and designs so that their 

properties are similar to them, especially restaurants and cafes, and the aim is to attract the 

largest number of tourists and visitors to it.

2 - The old houses have large areas:

When building these houses, the need for large areas was great due to the number of 

members of large families, and also the construction and construction costs were low. In 

contrast to the apartment system nowadays, the area is small and there is no extra space to 

allocate for anything.

The large space can be used as a place to exercise, a swimming pool or a car park, and it can 

be a work area such as an office.

The spacious area of ​​the house gives its owners independence and great comfort in case he 

wants to use it for housing and residence, and also it can be used for commercial purposes.

3 - Gives you great privacy and comfort:

No matter how small your family members are, you will not find the required comfort and 

privacy, but the old houses residents can get a great deal of comfort and privacy as the 

number of rooms is large Life in these homes is also characterized by being quiet and guests 

can be received at any time without the rest of the family feeling disturbed, as well as the 

spacious area that enables you to hold parties.

These houses are far from the center of Istanbul and are either in the countryside or in 

remote areas and are available in the historical areas of the city center. They are often far 

from sources of noise and pollution.

4 - Close to tourist attractions and entertainment in the city:

Do you know where to find old houses in Istanbul? In the Sultanahmet area or in the Fatih or 

Eyup Sultan area, these areas include many important tourist attractions such as mosques 

and Ottoman palaces.

Istanbul's old houses are considered a wide field for real estate investment, as many tourists 

in the world prefer to stay in such an ancient place during their stay in Istanbul.

The negative aspects of the old houses of Istanbul:

After we finished talking about the positives and advantages of the old houses in Istanbul, 

their remarkable urban design, their specifications, and the most important uses that can be 

used, the turn came to examine the negative aspects of them.

1 - It cannot be said that the old houses are typical in spite of all their advantages. An 

exquisite design does not mean that there are no errors.

2 - These houses need a lot of maintenance and modifications, as you will find many details 

that need to be changed, as they are definitely worn out.

3 - You may face a lot of costs that you will have to pay for the repairs. It should be noted 

here that the most damaged things are the sewage network, water and electricity 

installations, and you will certainly like to add some modern touches to it.

In this context, it must be noted that many people did not find these shortcomings, but 

rather an opportunity to add details that suit them.

Also, the large spaces of the old houses may not be suitable for many families. The family 

consisting of two or three individuals does not need these spaces, but in fact this negativity 

can be converted into a positive by exploiting it as a place to work, a studio, a library or a 

warehouse to store things. Don’t forget that if you are aiming to establish a business, the 

large space helps in that.

Many people do not prefer to live in such houses, and the reason for this is that it makes 

them feel far from modern life, such as that provided by residential complexes and modern 

villas, and this problem can also be solved where some modern details can be added and 

provided with all technologies and electrical appliances.

You have to know that you have a large space in front of you in order to implement a lot of 

distinctive ideas, and it is a real estate model preferred by the wealthy and the middle class. 

There are no exceptions here.

After we have provided you in this article with important information related to the old 

houses in Istanbul, you can decide if they are suitable for you or not. We offer you a lot of 

special real estate offers. Contact us to get your chance. If there is any question related to 

the real estate market in Istanbul, we can answer it.

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