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Feb 5, 2023

Features of residential complexes in Istanbul

• Residential complexes in Turkey

The residential complex consists of a group of properties surrounded by a fence and has security and guard gates, and all the services you need as a resident are available. The type of services provided in residential complexes varies according to the price of real estate in the complex and the company executing the housing project. There are complexes consisting of apartments only and other complexes consisting of only villas, and there are complexes mixed between types of apartments and villas.

Residential complexes abound in Istanbul with a sophisticated and modern structure. They are characterized by their modern systems and many facilities that create a safe and elegant environment in which living is a pleasure in itself.

The residential complexes are distributed more on the outskirts than in the city center, such as Basaksehir, Esenyurt, Eyup, Halkali, Beylikduzu and Bahcesehir in the European part of the city, Kadikoy and Baghdad Avenue in the Asian part of it and other large and modern areas of the city.

Residential complexes in Istanbul are the ideal choice for housing or investment because of the features available in them such as surveillance cameras, security and other services that meet and take into account the different needs of the family. Real estate experts show that the best real estate investment in Istanbul is within the residential complexes, which many investors have been seeking recently, because the property located within a residential complex is more profitable and easier to sell when there is an increased desire to acquire this type of apartments.

• Types of apartments and real estate within the residential complex in Istanbul:

- Regular apartments: These are not different from the apartments in an ordinary building, and of course they have different views and spaces.

- Duplex apartments: These are two-storey apartments that are more suitable for large families and luxury lovers.

- Penthouses: These apartments are located on the last floors of the residential complex and feature a charming view and a private pool.

- Townhouse apartments: It is a villa within the complex that has a garden attached to it.

• Advantages of living in residential complexes in Istanbul

There are employees and administrators in every building and residential complex whose tasks are to manage matters in the complex in the best possible way and secure everything that may be needed for the complex, in addition to the presence of guards and a security staff dedicated to protecting the complex. These things may be one of the most important reasons that attract and enhance the desire of the buyer or those who wish to reside in the residential complexes, as there are many people whose preoccupation is the feeling of safety, comfort and protection. This is one of the convenient things that enhances the peace of mind for those who want to buy a house in Turkey.

 As for the space, the space that the buyer aspires to cannot be found in the city centers, and if it is available, it is at very high prices. Therefore, the residential complexes are often in side and quiet areas, which affects the prices of apartments in Istanbul and makes them more suitable and cheaper than those in the city. Therefore, those who are looking for large residential spaces always see them resort to residential complexes, as they provide the required and spacious spaces within encouraging and low prices compared to the places of housing that are located in the city center. The presence of the complexes in the side areas means more peace and comfort, and housing away from the noise and annoying crowding of the city.

The residential complexes are no less important in the event that they are far from the city center, as they are often reached by the means of transportation that connect them to the vital centers of the city.

As for investors who operate their capital in the various fields and types of real estate investment, they find their desire to invest within Istanbul residential complexes; Because it is often close to modern commercial complexes, where various shops and halls are available for various investment areas. As for those who invest in real estate with the aim of renting it, investing in apartments in Istanbul residential complexes is a good option because this type of apartments is in great demand, and because the value of renting houses in the complexes is constantly rising. In terms of tourism, some tourists want to rent houses within the complexes; Due to the availability of the safety factor and the presence of important service facilities, especially furnished apartments, which supports the option of investing in apartments within the residential complexes for the purpose of renting them.

In Istanbul residential complexes, there are often various offers for buying apartments in installments and with multiple options. As for the recreational facilities in the residential complexes in Istanbul, the complexes contain private gyms, as well as special playgrounds for playing football, silo and tennis. There are also green spaces for children to play and gardens suitable for picnics and spending time with the family. There are also indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and we cannot forget restaurants, cafes and fast food shops ready to meet your requests whenever you need that.

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