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Feb 5, 2023

Real estate investment in Turkey factors and properties

Within a short period, Turkey was able to become one of the most important countries in the world and to become a leader in many fields, achieving successive successes in education, health and the economy. The real estate sector in Turkey had the largest share of success, as the interest of Arab and foreign investors increased. By investing in real estate in Turkey, they are looking for opportunities to buy real estate in Turkey, and here the question remains, what is the reason for that? We'll find out later...

Factors that encourage real estate investment in Turkey:

Turkey's strategic location:

Turkey has a distinguished location between the two most important continents in the world, Asia and Europe, and this has played a major role in giving it commercial and economic importance in general through treaties and agreements with European and Middle Eastern countries, and this certainly reflected positively on the real estate sector and contributed to attracting heads of state. money to Turkey.

Wide options for real estate in Turkey:

One of the most important things that encourage real estate investment in Turkey is the different types of real estate and apartments in it. You can find what suits you because it contains real estate that suits all tastes and categories, that is, you can find luxury properties such as villas in Turkey, luxury palaces and penthouse apartments, and you can also Find cheap apartments in Turkey, such as studio apartments, installment apartments, or properties under construction in Turkey.

Real estate prices in Turkey:

Real estate prices in Turkey are cheap and appropriate if compared with neighboring European countries, despite having high specifications. For example, you can buy a property in Istanbul with a large area and a distinctive view at a reasonable price that cannot be found in any other European city.

Obtaining real estate residency:

What encourages the search for apartments for sale in Turkey is that once you buy a property in Turkey, whatever its price, you will obtain a real estate residence, and this is certainly a great gain, especially for businessmen and investors, as they will be able to enter and exit Turkey freely without worrying about a visa.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Perhaps the most important reason that encourages real estate investment in Turkey is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, by purchasing a property worth at least 250 thousand dollars, either with one property or a group of properties, and it is required that this property be kept for three years without selling it and Then you can apply for Turkish citizenship, and this is certainly an excellent opportunity to enjoy the advantages of Turkish citizenship and hold a Turkish passport, which allows its holders to enter a large number of countries around the world without the need for a visa.

The charming nature of Turkey:

Many investors want to buy a house in Turkey due to its beautiful terrain and unique climate, especially Gulf investors, whose country is known for its hot weather and difficult weather conditions, so they find in Turkey a safe and appropriate haven for buying real estate and investing.

The importance of Turkey for tourism:

Turkey is recognized as a tourist country in the first degree, and that tourism in Turkey is one of the most important resources of the Turkish economy, and Turkey annually attracts millions of tourists, and these of course need a place to stay and housing, so investing in Turkish real estate is a guaranteed option to make quick profit through apartments Hotels, apartments on the sea, restaurants, malls and other tourist properties.

Helpful government decisions:

The Turkish government has issued many legislations and amended many laws to encourage foreign investors to invest in Turkey, as it has significantly reduced their taxes and treated them as Turks, in addition to issuing a real estate appraisal document, which contributed to protecting investors from real estate fraud significantly through Valuation of real estate by competent institutions to prevent deception of investors by phantom companies.

Cheap living in Turkey:

What encourages the purchase of real estate in Turkey is its cheap living, as there are a large number of markets that suit all societal groups, and the bills related to water, electricity, gas and the Internet incurred on the property are all reasonable and can be paid, and thus you will be able to secure a decent life in Turkey.

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