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Feb 5, 2023

Learn about the most famous malls in Istanbul


Forum Mall in Istanbul, Turkey:

Forum Mall was opened in Istanbul during the beginning of the year 2000 AD, specifically in the Bayrampasa area of ​​the Istanbul municipality. This mall is characterized as not only a huge shopping mall, but also residential buildings and the area that It has been allocated for the shops designated for shopping within the limits of one hundred and sixty-seven thousand square meters. This mall includes up to three hundred shops and commercial warehouses. It starts receiving customers from the beginning of the morning throughout the month and works to provide the opportunity to shop from The most famous and most important international and local brands in Turkey.


Aqua Florya Mall in Istanbul, Turkey:

What distinguishes this mall and makes it one of the most famous shopping malls in Istanbul is the charming sea view that it enjoys. By visiting the Aqua Florya Mall, you can get the opportunity to experience walking among the sharks and take a look at the most amazing and most beautiful marine creatures. In addition to getting a close-up of the way it moves and lives, of course, Aqua Florya Mall offers the opportunity to shop through its active 24-hour shops that provide the finest international and local brands. You can also spend a long tour around The Mall Enjoy a special meal in one of the many restaurants that are spread around it, which offer the most delicious foods of Turkish cuisine, and then spend a nice evening watching a movie in the mall’s cinema with family or friends.


Venice Mall in Istanbul, Turkey:

This mall is also called the Venetian Mall, which is located among the most upscale places in Istanbul, which is the European part of this city and is located specifically in the Osman Ghazi Pasha area. As for the one hundred and eighty shops it contains. It sells various shapes and types of goods and supplies, and the aim of establishing a mall like this one in Istanbul is to give an impression that resembles the feeling of navigating the streets and parts of the charming city of Venice, by taking a look at the water channels that run between the shops and create A charming atmosphere in conjunction with the bridges that help to move from one place to another within the mall so as to create a very distinctive tourist area during the shopping process so that we add a new place to the list of tourist places that should not be missed when touring around Istanbul.


Mall of Istanbul in Turkey:

It can be said that the most important feature of this mall in Istanbul is the large area that it extends, so that it takes a long time to complete the movement in its many different sections. This mall started its launch in the year two thousand and fourteen AD, and the designers worked during the process of its construction on Adding a touch that makes it a miniature representation of the city of Istanbul through its year-shaped towers. Four of these towers have been designated for housing, and one of them is for offices. In addition, there is a huge building dedicated to the hotel and apartments. We also mention the presence of a huge commercial center that can be moved around for shopping and the most beautiful and most expensive goods, as you can find all the requirements you might think in this mall, thanks to the presence of more than four hundred stores The commercial ones, which vary between the most important and best international brands of clothing, electrical and electronic tools, foodstuffs and foodstuffs, in addition to furniture, ornaments, samdiat and other home furniture, and of course children’s toys and their accessories such as clothes, food and others.

The Mall of Istanbul is characterized by being the seat of hosting many international exhibitions and festivals that are repeated every year. These festivals display the most expensive and luxurious types of jewelry and precious pieces of ornaments and adornments, as well as paintings, expensive antiques and handicrafts coming from various around the world by the most important and most skilled artists of our time.

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