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Feb 5, 2023

Akarkom International Company is with you on the real estate investment journey in Turkey

A large platform that provides a variety of real estate services to various clients wishing to enter the Turkish real estate market, whether to invest or own within Turkey for a happy and peaceful stay in the most beautiful countries of the world, whether for rent or ownership, or if you need a real estate search plan only and your choice has not been decided. Akarkom helps you make this decision smoothly. From inside or outside Turkey and from anywhere in the world.

Excellent team

The Akarkom team consists of a group of experienced real estate experts who are able to communicate with clients in more than 8 languages. You will definitely be satisfied dealing with them. Full knowledge of the market and its variables, and able to advise you on what suits you and what not.

You can just explain what your purpose in your property application is, what you want it to stand out. They can then display the appropriate options for you automatically.

In addition, it keeps you informed of the market developments and its merits in the event that you disclose your desire to invest in real estate, as it is very important to achieve large returns, which will bring great positive benefits to the team's services of course.

Great set of services

Akarkom is not a real estate agency that seeks to achieve the process of selling or renting quickly in order to achieve its financial returns, you can take it as a friend, advisor and guide. You don't get to know Akarkom a little before you buy your property and then forget as a customer. You are accompanied from the first desire to buy a property or perhaps bring some information about your desired property. Until you buy it and follow up on the transfer of ownership to you and its other arrangements.

You never lose your friendship with Akarkom

We can simply provide you with offers for temporary residence in Turkey during the period of searching for a property, accompany you from the airport and then the search process, which will be very useful and enjoyable.

And even help you with the process of transferring money and opening a bank account. In addition to providing advice on how to distribute the sale and title deed fees to the two parties.

Even assistance in securing services for the property, such as electricity, gas and water. Akarkom provides these services automatically and smoothly.

VIP services

Akarkom offers distinguished services to people with visions and high financial capabilities, where we can provide special services that suit their desire to own or invest a property or a group of properties within one package of financial transactions whose purpose is profit only.

They can express their desire to purchase a group of offices or a suitable building for a hotel or a group of properties of one character within one area or several areas, whatever option Akarkom can secure and assist you with.

Fees you need when buying a property

- Real estate appraisal fees:

Before you buy the property and transfer the ownership in your name, you must go to an approved appraisal company to send a licensed appraiser and write an integrated report on your property and check whether it is legal or not, whether it has debts or not, what its real price is, etc. that.

- Tapu transfer fee (title deed)

The Title deed is transferred to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre in your presence and the presence of the seller, and you pay a tax of 4% of the total real estate price to transfer the Title deed.

- Real estate agent fee

When buying a used and resale property in Turkey, a commission of 3% must be paid to the registered and licensed real estate agent, in addition to the value added tax. Sometimes, the seller of the property may charge the real estate agent's fee to offer his property at the best price. Thus, there is no need for the buyer to pay for it.

Features of real estate development in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most famous countries in the world at the economic level. It is a country with an economic fleet to be reckoned with, and its advantages on this level are almost endless, the most important of which is its unique geographical location, it is the link between Asia and Europe and an important gateway for both Arabs and foreigners, its moderate and distinctive climate, its wonderful nature and many of the ingredients Which is in the interest of the real estate and investment market, in addition to the efforts made by the Turkish state to improve its real estate development through planning and building projects and setting a future vision aimed at improving and raising the ceiling of the challenge among the countries of the world, the advantages in it are endless, and it is the best and reassuring option for many developers and investors .

Elements of real estate development

- The Seller: He is the financier of the real estate development project

- Contracting companies: they implement the project steps, within the plans submitted to them.

- Real estate agencies: their role is the link between the financier and the companies, where their role also requires supervision, follow-up, and proposals and necessary improvements, in addition to their important role in the process of promoting this project before its completion.

Cadres contribute to the success of real estate development

It is important for there to be follow up by specialized teams and cadres working to make the project a complete success. There must be:

- A department for studies and research in the real estate company to follow up on the market permanently and update its data.

- Investment Management Department, due to the importance of the developer's ability to manage the capital that is employed in his projects.

-A scientific advisory staff specialized in preparing economic studies for investment proposals and projects

Turkish Nationality

Residency is granted to foreigners through a set of laws that have unanimously agreed that buying a property by a foreigner may entitle the foreigner to obtain residency directly with some papers.. In special cases, Turkish citizenship may be granted. Among these methods:

Buying a property for less than $250,000

As for obtaining a short term real estate residence permit card, it is obtained after entering it through a tourist visa and requires the purchase of a property in Turkey of any value and then obtaining a short-term real estate residence permit card for the property. Proof of ownership of real estate in Turkey will ensure the renewal of the residence permit for the next period and does not require continuous stay in Turkey

The tourist visa may also be converted into a real estate residence permit for a stay of 1-5 years and a pledge not to sell the property in Turkey for a period of 5 years (2020-2025) with the option of converting to Turkish citizenship.

The procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property are one of the fastest and most successful ways, as the waiting period does not exceed 90 days before obtaining citizenship. It seems that the recent step taken by the Turkish government to facilitate the conditions required of foreign investors wishing to obtain its citizenship has aroused the interest of investors, especially Arabs.

Akarkom can facilitate these processes for all of you if you wish to own a property in order to obtain Turkish citizenship or permanent residence in Turkey.

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