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Feb 5, 2023

Learn about the cases in which Turkish citizenship is withdrawn from its holder

With the increasing desire of investors to expand their investment fields in different countries, and due to various factors, including the difference in the arrangement of countries’ passports in terms of the ability they give their holder to move and travel, citizens of many countries resort to obtaining an additional passport to enhance their opportunities and expand their options by owning a nationality other than the original nationality. There are many countries that allow foreign investors to obtain their citizenship, about 23 countries, and the conditions differ from one country to another, and Turkey is considered one of the most attractive countries in this field, especially after the amendment of the law related to granting Turkish citizenship. The approval of the recent amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law in 2017 played a major role in attracting many foreign investors in general, including Arabs in particular, who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship. But.. we always talk about cases of granting Turkish citizenship. Are there cases in which Turkish citizenship is withdrawn? Let's see together.

Loss of Turkish citizenship:

Turkish citizenship is initially lost by a decision from an authority or body capable of making this decision.. Turkish citizenship is withdrawn in only three cases, namely, waiving, canceling or revoking the acquisition of citizenship. Where first, a person who requests permission to renounce Turkish citizenship may obtain a waiver permit or a waiver document from the ministry, provided that he fulfills conditions, including:

a) To be of the age of majority and have the capacity to act.

b) Acquiring the nationality of a foreign country or having evidence that one has acquired this nationality.

c) Not to be wanted for a criminal offense or military service.

d) Not to be subject to any financial and criminal restrictions

He submits a document to renounce citizenship and the renunciation document must be valid for two years from the date of the decision. Those who have obtained a permit document during this period must forward the data and documents related to obtaining the citizenship of another foreign country to the administration of their place of residence abroad. In the event that the citizenship of a foreign country is not acquired during this period, the declaration document becomes invalid.

Consequences of giving up Turkish citizenship:

The files of people who have lost Turkish citizenship will be closed and from the date of their loss they are treated as foreigners. The children of the spouses or the husband alone with the consent of his spouse, in the event of approval of the request to renounce citizenship, lose their Turkish citizenship if they possess it, but if the loss of citizenship will make the children stateless, then the ruling on this may not be applied to the article.

Rights granted to people who have lost Turkish citizenship:

Those who were Turkish citizens by birth but lost their citizenship by obtaining a renunciation permit, their children dealt with shall continue to enjoy citizenship without prejudice to the provisions relating to national security and public order.

Withdrawal of Turkish citizenship:

Turkish citizenship shall be withdrawn from persons who have provided services incompatible with the interests of Turkey, for a foreign country, despite being notified of the termination of this task by representative offices abroad, for a period exceeding 3 months. It is also withdrawn from persons who voluntarily continue to provide any kind of services to a country at war with Turkey without the permission of the Council of Ministers. Finally... Persons who volunteer to perform military service for a foreign country without obtaining permission.

Turkish citizenship withdrawal results:

The decision to cancel Turkish citizenship shall be effective from its date and the decision of the Council of Ministers shall be published in the Official Gazette. The consequences of this decision are personal and do not affect the wives and children of the person concerned.

Revocation of Turkish citizenship:

The decision to obtain Turkish citizenship shall be annulled by the decision-making authority, if the person concerned obtained citizenship by misrepresenting or concealing the essential matters that constitute the basis for acquiring citizenship. The cancellation decision is also effective from the date of the decision. The annulment decision also applies to the husband/wife and children who acquired Turkish citizenship through the person concerned.

Loss of Turkish citizenship by right of choice:

- Persons who acquired Turkish citizenship by birth through their mother or father on the basis of descent, and those who acquired the citizenship of a foreign mother or father by birth or after birth.

- Persons who acquired Turkish citizenship by lineage from their mother or father, those who acquired the citizenship of a foreign country at the place of birth, and people who acquired Turkish citizenship by adoption, can lose Turkish citizenship voluntarily.

Many of the recent acquisitions of Turkish citizenship are investors and foreigners wishing to invest, trade and enter the Turkish real estate market, so they have large financial assets that may be within Turkey.

What happens if the citizenship was withdrawn from someone due to  the things that we mentioned earlier?

Turkish law says that if liquidation of their assets is deemed necessary, this must be noted in the cancellation decision. These people must liquidate their assets in Turkey within a year, otherwise the treasury sells their assets and deposits the proceeds on their behalf and on their account in a government bank. In the event that such persons file a lawsuit against the cancellation decision in court, the liquidation of the assets shall be suspended until the case is concluded.

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