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Feb 5, 2023

The most famous parks in Istanbul

As Istanbul is the most famous Turkish tourist city and a facade that reflects the beauty and progress of Turkish civilization; Modern Turkey, and before that, the Ottoman civilization, was interested in constructing spacious and attractive gardens, and the urban renaissance that Turkey witnessed throughout the ages helped produce a distinctive model of gardens and parks that combined the ancient Ottoman heritage with its unique designs and the modernity of the Turkish state derived from European culture. These gardens constituted a haven for the residents of Istanbul from the noise of the city and a destination for tourists for recreation and entertainment because of the breathtaking scenery and fun games for children.

We will now mention a list of the most beautiful and famous parks in Istanbul.

 Gulhane Park in Istanbul:

In Arabic, it means the house of roses. This garden, located in the Sultanahmet area, was opened in 1926 AD as a garden belonging to the well-known Topkapi Palace and Museum, then it was converted into a public garden open to all. People come to this park to enjoy its green spaces and dense trees, and it also contains a café with a distinctive view of the Bosphorus.

 Amerigan Park:

A historical garden that dates back to the Byzantine era and was also developed after that during the Ottoman era. It is distinguished by its rich and varied varieties of flowers, trees, plants and different types of birds and animals, and is famous for its tulips that spread its lands with a harmonious and unique scene.

The Tulip Festival is held in this garden in the spring of every year.

 Freedom Park in Istanbul:

It is located near the famous shopping street of Baghdad Istanbul. It is one of the distinctive gardens for spending family times, characterized by its wonderful atmosphere, wooden and metal statues, and herbal plant figures.

 Yildiz Park in Istanbul:

This garden is located in the Besiktas region, and was historically part of Yildiz Palace, then turned into a public garden. It is famous for its great diversity of tree and plant species, it also includes an aquarium, and in an area higher than the hill of this garden there is a restaurant that serves delicious meals and food.

 Istanbul Zoo:

One of the most famous landmarks and recreational destinations in the city, it includes about 135 species of animals, including terrestrial animals, reptiles and birds, and contains more than 250 species of trees and various plants.

Children can also enjoy riding small water vehicles in the park's artificial lake.

 Miniaturk Park in Istanbul:

A garden with a unique idea that includes various landmarks and symbols of Istanbul and other Turkish cities in the form of miniature models with a very accurate design, and these models are equipped with an introductory audio explanation in multiple languages ​​that you can operate by passing a special card. Among the available Istanbul models are the Fatih Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Museum, in addition to other Turkish landmarks such as the clock tower in Izmir and the tomb of Jalal al-Din al-Rumi in Konya.

 Bakirkoy Botanical Garden in Istanbul:

One of the city's most famous parks and the most suitable for young children, as it contains water and dirt areas for children to play in addition to small smurfs houses, dinosaurs and golden winged horses at the bottom of the amphitheater.

There is also a small restaurant serving delicious meals.

 Fenerbahce Park in Istanbul:

This garden is located on the Asian side of the city overlooking the Bosphorus Strait. It derives its name from the ancient fener it contains, which dates back to the era of the Ottoman Empire. This park has a panoramic view of many of the city's landmarks, including the Hagia Sophia Museum, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and the Princes' Islands.

 Macka Park in Istanbul:

One of the most beautiful gardens in Istanbul, where you can enjoy a morning walk or sit for recreation among its various trees and plants.

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