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Feb 5, 2023

Important information about Istanbul villa prices

First :

Low prices for villas in Istanbul:

 The incentive or the most important factor that contributes to attracting investors to any investment is what this investment will bring back to them in terms of investment returns and financial profits, as this matter is the most prominent goal of entering the real estate investment sector in Istanbul, and the most important factor that attracts investors Foreigners towards buying property in Turkey is the unique reality offered by real estate prices in Turkey, as these prices are remarkably low if compared to other real estate prices in various neighboring European countries, as they are able to provide a lot of options with very reasonable prices Which provides a range of attractive investment opportunities for these investors, as they primarily want to save as much costs as possible and at the same time get a high-quality property. Istanbul real estate is not different from other forms of real estate in Turkey, as real estate prices in Istanbul It is also remarkably low compared to real estate prices in Europe, despite the fact that Istanbul real estate is no less in quality or importance than any of them, and even that it matches It is in many aspects, and this applies to all forms of real estate in Istanbul, including Istanbul villas, as the prices of villas in Istanbul are very attractive. Despite the unique and excellent advantages and features of Istanbul villas, their prices are considered low compared to the prices of villas or similar luxury real estate in other foreign countries, so we find that there is a noticeable demand for buying Istanbul villas, especially by foreign investors who want to buy property in Istanbul for housing and stability and at the same time getting an opportunity to experience a life of sophistication and luxury that Istanbul villas provide.


Factors that control the prices of Istanbul villas:

The prices of villas in Istanbul are very diverse so that they provide many opportunities through which each investor can find what suits him and achieve his aspirations, and this price is determined by several factors, the most important of which are the following:

* Villas area in Istanbul:

The real estate space in Istanbul is one of the most important factors that control real estate prices in Istanbul, and the same applies to the prices of luxury Istanbul real estate, including villas in Istanbul. The opposite is true, but usually the area of ​​villas in Istanbul is large, as it is considered a common factor between them, and they have many accessories added to them in order to take advantage of this large area, such as a private cinema, an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, and a sports field.

The view of the villas in Istanbul:

The factor of owning the view from the property in Istanbul is vital in relation to the price of this property, as the presence or absence of the view raises or lowers the price of the property in Istanbul very significantly, as well as for villas in Istanbul, as owning the villa with a view raises its price in general Especially if this view is a sea view on one of the many coasts that Istanbul offers, and the views vary as well, and all of them both raise the value of the price of villas in Istanbul, including the view of one of the various tourist and historical attractions In the city of Istanbul, as well as views of the areas, green spaces and public parks scattered throughout the city.

* Exterior and interior cladding of villas in Istanbul:

Villas in Istanbul of various shapes and types are usually of a high degree of sophistication and luxury, as special attention is paid to the architectural designs that are chosen for them so that they are among the latest and most distinctive designs, but with that there must be various levels Including and we find that the high level of cladding that the villa enjoys, whether it is internal or external, means that its price will rise even more, that is, there is a direct proportion that links the level of external and internal cladding that the villas in Istanbul enjoy with the prices of these villas.


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