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Feb 5, 2023

The differences between old and modern Turkey apartments

Of course, if we make a simple comparison between the old and modern apartments, the differences will be many . Old apartments have their own differences as well as modern apartments, and it does not necessarily mean that modern apartments should replace the old ones. Both types are in great demand in the market, and this is due to the distinction of apartments in Turkey in general, and pouring unremitting efforts into this sector by the Turkish government, contributed to activating the request on both items.

The cities of Turkey are distinguished by the diversity of apartments in them, as they contain all the types that the buyer may desire. The old apartments have their own character, atmosphere and traditions that many people desire to this day. Modern apartments are also the most in demand, and the market for them is very competitive, and many people desire them, and modern apartments also have their own advantages and character.

• If we know the old apartments in Turkey, they are:

The apartments located in the normal Turkish neighborhoods, as they are only linked to the building in which they are located. Most Turkish residential buildings are characterized by the presence of electric doors or surveillance cameras, but this is not the case in ordinary apartments in Turkish neighborhoods. Turkey's multi-storey residential real estate also includes an electric elevator, a security officer and cameras, and in many Turkish residential buildings, a cleaning service is available to clean the stairs and corridors. The prices of these apartments are linked to the general market price of the region, and the price of apartments is determined by the availability of services, as the price of Turkey apartments rises in residential buildings that provide many services within the property. The location of the property and its proximity to facilities and services contribute to the high prices and rental prices of Turkey apartments.

• As for the modern apartments, it is known as (penthouse)

These apartments are of a new type, and they are found in large buildings and skyscrapers. It is characterized by a large area and the outer walls of the house are mostly glass, which means a wonderful view throughout the day. The penthouse apartment also provides comfort, tranquility, and a system similar to independent villas, and there is no other neighbor on the floor, which helps the residents in independence. These apartments are very expensive, but they are very elegant and luxurious.

• Apartments in Turkey in terms of modernity and antiquity

Apartments are divided into two types: Completely new apartments, new, meaning you will be the first to live in them, and they are usually within a new residential project. They vary between ready-to-deliver apartments, which are those that you can receive immediately, and apartments under construction, which are those that need a certain time to complete their construction and then are delivered to you later within a specified time schedule. As for the resale apartments, they were often inhabited before, but the owner had a desire to sell them and move to another or so.

• Types of real estate in Turkey

- House for sale within residential complexes

- Detached homes for sale

- Real estate ready for delivery

- Real estate under construction

- Apartments for sale within a residential building

• Modern apartments in Turkey

This type of apartments has many distinctive features that characterize them. The advantages of modern apartments are many, the most important of which are:

- Pros:

You will find that there is a lot of flexibility in modifying some designs and divisions, especially if the properties are under construction.

The modern apartments are characterized by a modern design that matches the current era and meets most of the conditions required by each person.

The facilities of your new property are also new and will not require maintenance or repair costs from you.

Long-term guarantees by contractors and property owners, some of which may extend to about 10 years. For this type of apartments, there is often a discount on the payment in cash, which may reach 10% of the total value of the property, in addition to the possibility of installments in payments that may reach for many years, and this causes great comfort to the buyer.

- Cons:

They are few, not many, but there are some negative points about modern apartments, as it is not allowed to reduce the purchase price except within simple and few limits. In addition, you cannot offer the design that suits you, if the house is ready for delivery, it will be similar to most of the houses next to you. The premiums may be of high interest.

• Old apartments in Turkey

Among the advantages of these apartments:

It offers many options in terms of capacity, different designs as well as places.

The financial value of the apartment is often negotiable and the price can be adjusted.

The residential neighborhood will be complete and inhabited.

As for the disadvantages of the old apartments:

 It is highly likely that the buyer will make some modifications that will improve the reality of the apartment internally and externally, where the external or internal design may be outdated and out of proportion with the times, and therefore can pay additional costs in order to modify and renew the design and decorations. Which means that the amount you will save by buying a resale property will often return and pay for maintenance costs and will not be as good as the new property. In addition to repainting old homes, it is self-evident and necessary; which requires an additional cost.

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