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Feb 5, 2023

Transportation in Istanbul .. large variety that meets the needs

Istanbul is famous for being the economic capital of Turkey, in addition to being the most important tourist destination in Turkey. It has faced many challenges through the ages, but it has always managed to maintain its unparalleled splendor and beauty.

And all sectors in Istanbul such as agriculture, industry and trade have flourished, as well as the real estate sector in Istanbul, health and education, and the Turkish government has worked to improve and develop the infrastructure to suit the requirements of the city and its great importance, and perhaps the most important aspect that it has worked to develop is transportation In Istanbul, the city of Istanbul is famous for the diversity of means of transportation from land, sea and air to suit the needs and connect parts of the city to each other, and this is what matters to those wishing to buy a property in Istanbul to ensure ease of movement in the city.

Types of transportation in Istanbul:

-Public buses:

Buses are widely spread in Istanbul and contribute to linking all areas in Asian Istanbul and European Istanbul, and a large number of people use them daily, as there are more than 6,000 buses in the city distributed over more than 800 lines, and the bus number is written with the areas that You reach it on an electronic board, and there is a special application on smart phones that enables you to track the route of buses and know their arrival times.

-Subway :

The metro lines are one of the most widely used types of transportation in Istanbul, and they are characterized by their speed and accuracy, and they are far from the congestion of roads in Istanbul. The Turkish government has worked to develop the infrastructure significantly to match the subway and rehabilitate the railways and add lines In addition to the introduction of a new metro without a driver, according to statistics, the length of the metro line in Istanbul is expected to reach about 1,000 kilometers by 2023 AD.

People wishing to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul are interested in knowing the availability of metro lines close to real estate in the region. Below we will mention the most important metro lines in Istanbul:

1- M1 line: This line connects Yenikapi with Ataturk International Airport.

2- The M2 line, which connects Yeni Kabi and Haji Osman.

3- M3 line, and this line connects Kirazli and Olympiat stations.

4- M4 line, connecting Ben Kadikoy and Tushantepe.

5- M6 line, and this line connects Levent with Boğaziçi University.

-Metro Bus:

The Metrobus connects the Asian and European parts of the city to each other and is considered one of the most important means of transportation in the city. The Metrobus line that passes from the E5 highway is one of the most important of these lines, and it connects Sogutlu Şişma Station in Istanbul, Asia, and Beylikdüzü in the European section of City .

This line is not affected by the execution, as there is a track of its own and extends for 50 km in the city, and more than 800,000 passengers ride it daily.

- Tramway:

There are 4 main tram lines in Istanbul that roam around the city on a network of railways and operate on solar energy. This means of transportation delivers tourists and visitors to the most important tourist areas in Istanbul. One of the most famous tram lines in the city:

1- The T1 line that connects Kabatas with Bagcilar.

2- The T2 line, which connects Taksim with Total.

3- The T3 line, which connects Kadikoy and Çaşırı Station.

4- The T4 line that connects Topkapi and Al Salam Mosque.

- Dolmus:

It is more like minibuses that transport a certain number of passengers from one area to another in the city according to specific lines, and the fare is calculated according to the distance traveled and the destination you want to reach.


And this type is widely spread all over the world and is considered one of the easiest forms of transportation in the city and is available everywhere and can reach any point you want.

-Ships and boats:

Since Istanbul was a station on a number of seas, it was necessary to have marine means of transportation, and for this reason, a number of equipped facilities are spread in the city, which include a group of ships and boats that facilitate movement between the different areas of the city.

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